Houses to survive the Zombie Acocalypse

I can't even begin to summarize this article, other than you have to check it! It goes into a logical description of several different properties and exactly how they can help you survive when zombies take over the world. (As a side note, I was in Boston on vacation one year and wandered into a zombie parade/battle/thing. It was so bizzare to be wandering around historical Boston admist people dressed as zombies and survivors). Anyway, the article suggests the below castle for its high walls, weapons defense and ample interior space…

The off-the-grid thousand-acre property below is 5,200 sq/ft and backs up to a national park. It would take zombies awhile to get through all that.

Or be safe by being surrounded by sea in this lighthouse. Most of the properties listed are over a million (or over several million…) so this one is a true steal at only $249,500.

You've got to check out the site for the rest!! Enjoy!

Posted on February 8, 2013 at 1:36 am
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