Consider this when installing new flooring

Spring is nearing and with that, people are starting to consider their next home projects! What better way to welcome spring than by sprucing up your home flooring? How will what you choose affect your home's resale value? Athough this advice was given for a homeowner in CA, the main part of the answer rings true anywhere…"The artitectural style of your home and the areas of the home in which you install the flooring will determine the added value to your home". So pick flooring you are happy with, but understand that if you choose Spanish tile for a bathroom when nothing else in your house has a Spanish influence, it may turn some potential buyers off. I know my husband and I are debating this issue currently…we both really like dark toned vinyl floors (you know, the kind that looks like hardwood), but we really don't think it fits the rest of the house. While we've chosen to keep that area carpeted for now, we will be taking the lighter route when we do install new flooring.

Best of luck and happy renovations!

Posted on March 11, 2013 at 10:44 am
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