9 Simple DIY Decorating Projects

I don't know about you, but I'm a huge fan of DIY projects. Our latest was taking two mismatched nightstands, and painting them to put in our guest room. We painted the drawer fronts the same cream I used for the inside of our deep window sills, and the rest of the nightstands got a coat of black paint. I know it sounds weird, but it looks great in our dark red guest room! Anyway, this website offers a few, 9 to be exact, suggestions for weekend projects to spruce up your home.
1) Organize your bookcases/shelves. I know, organizing doesn't sound like decorating, but a tidier space can make a huge visual difference.
2) Tile the kitchen backsplash. We did this one weekend a few months ago and it completely transformed our kitchen! This is a two day project, but it really will be worth the time.
3) For a quicker update to a kitchen, add (or change) your cabinet door/drawer hardware. Hardware stores have so many options to choose from! You may even decide to add or change your bathroom knobs as well.
4) Transform the fireplace. This one might need to wait a few months (I know I still use mine more nights than not), but when you are done for the cold season, clean out your hearth and some color! Candles are always an option, but also consider low maintanence plants, like succulents.
5) Add some molding. Crown molding makes a room look and feel larger than it really is and adds a touch of elegance to any room. Plus, if you are repainting a room, adding crown molding after you are done with the paint gives you a crisp paint line without all the extra taping!
6) Unify your picture frames. This is a great project for any thrift store finds too…simply take all the frames down in a room and paint them all the same color. This will make frames that are different colors, styles, thicknesses, etc all look like a cohesive unit. We've done the ones in our house with spray paint without a problem!
7) Makeover lamp shades by adding fabric, beads, or ribbons. This is a great way to add a bit of color to your room, just be sure you can still see light through the shade! 🙂
8 ) Redecorate the bedroom with some paint, new curtains and a new bedspread. This is a great time to add a pop of color, or just change it up a bit
9) Change up the flooring by adding some rugs. You can get rugs in almost any size, shape and color so have fun with it!

Pictured below: My kitchen after we added cabinet handles and a new backsplash!


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