Where will you be Sunday, 10am??

We, like most of the area, are gearing up for Sunday's big game! There are news articles and sports commentary abound on the Seahawks and the Falcons upcoming meeting at the divisional playoffs in Atlanta…how many of you have spent more time today reading up on the Seahawks than doing any actual work? 🙂 I personally liked this one fron ESPN, but I think that's because it seemed to be relatively unbiased. But….since we are in Seahawk land….GO HAWKS!!! I hope you all enjoy your weekend and we are still cheering Monday morning!

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Extreme Homes–What do you think?

I have to admit, I'm a junkie for HG TV. Even before I started working in real estate, I could watch this channel for hours. I especially loved all the renovation shows since I'm a big fan of DIY projects. But this past weekend, I discovered a new show…Extreme Homes. All I can say is wow!! This show looks at unique houses from all over the world…some that are fully suspended in trees, made out of egg shaped homes, homes that are shaped like mushrooms, and the one below that has a crank that expands the house! That part that looks like a horn is the "accordion" section that slides out to add extra living space. This home is also green with its recycled paper insulation and reindeer pelts for added warm. Don't worry, Rudolf wasn't harmed in the making of this Northern Sweden home.

accordion house photo

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Where do you fit?

One of the most said things in real estate is "location, location, location" but how do you know what "location" is best for you? This article has some great tips:

1) Trust your agent!  Not only do they know the area, but they also talk to other real estate agents that know the area. So really, you are getting even more experience and knowledge.

2) Google. You know we all google everything anyway. So google the neighborhood and look at the satelite view of the area, check out local restaurants, find the newspaper for that area. There are a ton of different places to look for information (shameless plug alert–we will start featuring a neighborhood a week on our blog, so check back in the new year!)

3) Talk to neighbors. Walk around the neighborhood and talk to the people that are outside. This may not work so well in the winter, and you may not want to go door to door, but if you are driving around and see someone, say hi!

4) Visit at different times of the day. Check it out at night, and also during rush hour times. Its nice to know what your daily commute would look like.

5) Trust yourself. You know what fits into your lifestyle. Be sure to communicate that with your agent so they can help you find the best fit, in and outside your new front door.



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Hobbit Homes

I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to seeing The Hobbit. I know, I know, I should have seen it already, but life's been busy! So, if you are like me and haven't made it to the movie yet…you should check out these Hobbit-like homes in the mean time. There's even one here in Washington, over on Bainbridge Island.



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