8 Backyard Projects for Small Spaces


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Windermere Community Service Day

Every year Windermere closes its offices for one day to help make a positive difference in our local communities. It all started in 1984 when a handful of Windermere owners and agents came together to make repairs at a local elementary school. Thirty years and more than one million hours of community service later, we've continued this tradition through neighborhood-enhancing projects in the areas where our Windermere teams live, work, and play. Follow our projects online at www.facebook.com/WindermereRealEstate.

Community Service Day will take place on June 5, 2015.

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9 Simple DIY Decorating Projects

I don't know about you, but I'm a huge fan of DIY projects. Our latest was taking two mismatched nightstands, and painting them to put in our guest room. We painted the drawer fronts the same cream I used for the inside of our deep window sills, and the rest of the nightstands got a coat of black paint. I know it sounds weird, but it looks great in our dark red guest room! Anyway, this website offers a few, 9 to be exact, suggestions for weekend projects to spruce up your home.
1) Organize your bookcases/shelves. I know, organizing doesn't sound like decorating, but a tidier space can make a huge visual difference.
2) Tile the kitchen backsplash. We did this one weekend a few months ago and it completely transformed our kitchen! This is a two day project, but it really will be worth the time.
3) For a quicker update to a kitchen, add (or change) your cabinet door/drawer hardware. Hardware stores have so many options to choose from! You may even decide to add or change your bathroom knobs as well.
4) Transform the fireplace. This one might need to wait a few months (I know I still use mine more nights than not), but when you are done for the cold season, clean out your hearth and some color! Candles are always an option, but also consider low maintanence plants, like succulents.
5) Add some molding. Crown molding makes a room look and feel larger than it really is and adds a touch of elegance to any room. Plus, if you are repainting a room, adding crown molding after you are done with the paint gives you a crisp paint line without all the extra taping!
6) Unify your picture frames. This is a great project for any thrift store finds too…simply take all the frames down in a room and paint them all the same color. This will make frames that are different colors, styles, thicknesses, etc all look like a cohesive unit. We've done the ones in our house with spray paint without a problem!
7) Makeover lamp shades by adding fabric, beads, or ribbons. This is a great way to add a bit of color to your room, just be sure you can still see light through the shade! 🙂
8 ) Redecorate the bedroom with some paint, new curtains and a new bedspread. This is a great time to add a pop of color, or just change it up a bit
9) Change up the flooring by adding some rugs. You can get rugs in almost any size, shape and color so have fun with it!

Pictured below: My kitchen after we added cabinet handles and a new backsplash!


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Seattle tops two more lists! Getting a job and selling commericial

I've posted on this before…but we all know the Seattle area has plenty to be proud of. Now we can add two more things to that list!
First up, Forbes has named Seattle the 5th best city for a good job.  (They took into account wages, unemployment and projected growth).  Although our unemployment rate is bit higher than the other top ten cities, our education continues to expand. The per capita income is $50,497 and that's expected to grow by over 2% yearly for the next six years.
Second, the Puget Sound Business Journal reports that Seattle is ranked 3rd in country for commerical sales activity. So, if you have a business and are looking for office space (or have office space you are looking to sell), let us know! We do have commerical real estate agents that are able to help you with that!



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Consider this when installing new flooring

Spring is nearing and with that, people are starting to consider their next home projects! What better way to welcome spring than by sprucing up your home flooring? How will what you choose affect your home's resale value? Athough this advice was given for a homeowner in CA, the main part of the answer rings true anywhere…"The artitectural style of your home and the areas of the home in which you install the flooring will determine the added value to your home". So pick flooring you are happy with, but understand that if you choose Spanish tile for a bathroom when nothing else in your house has a Spanish influence, it may turn some potential buyers off. I know my husband and I are debating this issue currently…we both really like dark toned vinyl floors (you know, the kind that looks like hardwood), but we really don't think it fits the rest of the house. While we've chosen to keep that area carpeted for now, we will be taking the lighter route when we do install new flooring.

Best of luck and happy renovations!

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Houses to survive the Zombie Acocalypse

I can't even begin to summarize this article, other than you have to check it! It goes into a logical description of several different properties and exactly how they can help you survive when zombies take over the world. (As a side note, I was in Boston on vacation one year and wandered into a zombie parade/battle/thing. It was so bizzare to be wandering around historical Boston admist people dressed as zombies and survivors). Anyway, the article suggests the below castle for its high walls, weapons defense and ample interior space…

The off-the-grid thousand-acre property below is 5,200 sq/ft and backs up to a national park. It would take zombies awhile to get through all that.

Or be safe by being surrounded by sea in this lighthouse. Most of the properties listed are over a million (or over several million…) so this one is a true steal at only $249,500.

You've got to check out the site for the rest!! Enjoy!

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Seattle tops yet another list, this time for housing market

I have to admit, I'm a sucker for any list that includes our city as top in whatever…like on the list for America's Most Wired Cities, Best Places for Business and Careers, or most rainy days. (We aren't on the top list for most QUANTITY of rain though…just rainy days). Well, Seattle is top of yet another list….Best housing markets of the real estate recovery! The housing market is improving everywhere with higher sales prices last year than in the last five years. Experts are predictiong that 2013 will be a great year, especially in the Seattle region. This, coupled with still low interst rates, makes now a great time to buy. (Which in turn makes it a great time to sell, because all those people wanting to buy have to buy something…) 🙂

So give us a call if you want to make 2013 the year that you move into your new home. We have an office full of dedicated agents that are quick with a smile and are willing to help make your goals a reality.

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Washington Park Arboretum Renovation

I'm sure you, like me, have gotten at least a little frustrated with the 520 Bridge replacement projects. I think we feel like that anytime there's such a large scale road construction project. Well, this project isn't just fixing the ramps and roads, its also improving trails, Azalea Way Pond, parts of Arboretum Creek and Foster Island. The trails especially will be much appreciated by pedestrians and bicyclists since this will move them away from Lake Washington Blvd. The ramps to nowhere will be removed starting in 2014. You can check out more information at KomoNews.


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King of Hidden Compartments

I've always been a sucker for hidden spaces. I have plans for a bookcase with almost a dozen hidden compartments (My husband really shouldn't let me look through his Family Handyman magazine…it just gives me ideas for projects for him!). My dream house would have a secret playroom between two bedrooms for kids. When car shopping, I look for how many little compartments I can hide CDs, my GPS, garage door opener etc. So when one of our agents emailed me this link for the Rotengens' Berlin Secretary Cabinet, I was awestruck. This takes hidden compartments to a whole new level. There are drawers hidden absolutely everywhere! Turn a key to the right and one side pops open, but turn the key to the left and a totally different side opens. The clip is only about 2 minutes long, so check it out!


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Athlete Million Dollar Listings

The news has been full of athletes lately, from Norte Dame's Manti Te'O and the fake girlfriend hoax to Lance Armstrong admitting to doping during all of his record breaking 7 Tour de France wins (he has been stripped of his titles and banned from cycling for life), and Tiger Woods proposing to ex-wife Elin Nordegren. Well, athletes aren't just in the news for their questionable behavior…they also make headlines for their rockstar sized homes. Barry Bonds home (pictured below) is on the market for $25 million, features 7 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms and over 17000 sq/ft.  Alex Rodriguez (Yankee's A-Rod) recently decided to rent his almost 20,000 sq/ft, 9 bedroom, 12 bath hom instead of listing it for $35 million. Baseball players aren't the only ones with huge estates…Air Jordan has reduced his over 32,000 sq/ft, 9 bedroom, 19 bathroom home to the low price of $21 million. All I can say is–why so many bathrooms guys?!

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